How to Use a Husky Drain Snake

Are you having trouble with a clogged drain? If so, try using a Husky Drain Snake. These handy tools can effectively remove pesky clogs that seem impossible to clear with other products.

How to Use a Husky Drain Snake

Whether it’s hair, food scraps or anything else, the Husky Drain Snake will get your drains flowing properly again. Learning how to use a husky drain snake is simple and can make a big difference in the efficiency of your plumbing system. Always use caution when using this tool and take the necessary safety precautions.

In this blog post, we will discuss what exactly a Husky Drain Snake is and why it’s used, as well as walk through all the steps involved in fixing blocked pipes quickly and effectively!

What Will You Need?

To use a Husky Drain Snake correctly, you will need the following items:

  • Husky Drain Snake
  • Gloves (for safety) – optional but highly recommended
  • Bucket – to catch any water or debris that may escape from the pipe

You are ready to start once you have all the items listed above!

10 Easy Steps on How to Use a Husky Drain Snake

Step 1: Prepare Your Work Area

First, you’ll want to prepare your work area. This means placing the bucket you gathered under the drain to catch any overflow or debris that may come out and wearing your gloves to protect your hands. It’s important to ensure that the area is clear and you have plenty of room to work with. Having a towel nearby to dry your hands or clean up any spills may also be helpful. Once your work area is prepared, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Insert the Drain Snake

Now that your workspace is ready, it’s time to use the Husky Drain Snake. Take the end of the snake and carefully insert it into the drain. Make sure it goes in easily – it’s not a tool you need to force. The goal is to feed the snake into the drain until you feel resistance, which is most likely the clog you’re trying to clear. It’s important to be patient and gentle during this process to avoid any unnecessary damage to your pipes.

Step 3: Rotate the Drain Snake

After you’ve successfully inserted the Husky Drain Snake and found the clog, the next step is to start rotating the snake. This is done by turning the handle clockwise while gently pushing it further into the drain.

Turning the Handle Clockwise While Gently Pushing

The rotating motion of the snake helps break up the clog and allows the snake to navigate through the pipe. Remember to continue this process with care to avoid damaging your pipes. If the snake stops advancing or you feel too much resistance, it might be time to withdraw it slightly and then try again.

Step 4: Retract the Drain Snake

Once you’ve loosened the clog by turning and pushing the Husky Drain Snake, you must retract it. This process is typically done by slowly winding the handle counter-clockwise, drawing the snake back out of the drain. As you do this, the clog’s broken-up parts should come out with the snake. Be prepared for some mess; this is where your bucket comes in handy.

Step 5: Clean the Drain Snake

After retracting the Husky Drain Snake from the pipe, it’s time to clean it. This is an important step, as it removes the debris from the snake, preparing it for the next use and ensuring that it doesn’t become a source of blockage itself. To clean the snake, rinse it under warm water, scrubbing gently to remove any stubborn debris. Wear gloves during this process to protect your hands from harmful substances that may have adhered to the snake. Once the snake is clean, pat it dry with a towel before storing it.

Step 6: Check the Drain

Now that you’ve removed the clog and cleaned your Husky Drain Snake, it’s time to check the drain to ensure the blockage has been fully cleared. Run water down the drain and observe its flow. If the water drains smoothly and quickly, congratulations, you’ve successfully cleared the clog! If the water is still draining slowly or not, there may still be some remnants of the clog left.

Run Water Down the Drain

Step 7: Keep an Eye Out

After successfully clearing the clog, you may think your work is done; however, keeping an eye on the area is important. This means continuing to observe the flow of water and checking for any upcoming blockages. If you notice a buildup or the drain drains slowly, it may be time to use your Husky Drain Snake again.

Step 8: Practice Safe Storage

Once the job is done, you must store your Husky Drain Snake properly. This means keeping it in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight and away from children or pets. Be sure to check on the snake periodically to ensure it’s still in good condition and free of debris or dirt.

Step 9: Dispose of Debris

Once you’ve cleared the clog, dispose of any debris or material extracted with the Husky Drain Snake. This is important to avoid any future blockages or plumbing issues. Be careful when disposing of the debris; some materials may be hazardous and should always be disposed of properly.

Step 10: Enjoy Clean Drains!

Finally, pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Now that your drains are clean, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your plumbing system is working properly. Ensure you keep your Husky Drain Snake in good condition and use it regularly to prevent future blockages. You can easily keep your drains clean and flowing properly with a little effort!

It’s easy to see how using a Husky Drain Snake can save time, money, and stress when dealing with blocked pipes. This job can be completed quickly and efficiently with the right tools and knowledge. So the next time you’re faced with a clogged drain, don’t hesitate to break out your trusty Husky Drain Snake and get to work!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. When inserting your Husky Drain Snake, take your time and be patient. This will help you avoid damaging the pipe or any of the components.
  2. Use good quality snake oil regularly to lubricate the snake and ensure it works smoothly.
  3. After using your Husky Drain Snake, keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  4. Be prepared for some mess when clearing a clog. Have a bucket or other container ready to catch any overflow or debris from the snake.
  5. Always dispose of debris properly and safely; some materials may be hazardous and need special handling instructions.
Use Good Quality Snake Oil Regularly

Following these steps, you can easily master using a Husky Drain Snake and keep your drains clear of any blockages. With the right tools and knowledge, you can reduce stress and cut down on repair costs by protecting your pipes from future clogs or damage.

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Avoid forcing the Husky Drain Snake into your pipes. Even if you feel resistance, take it slow and gently to avoid causing any damage.
  2. Leave the drain snake in a manageable amount of time; this can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your pipe system.
  3. Avoid using a damaged or dirty snake; always clean and inspect it before use to prevent clogs or other blockages.
  4. Remember to check for residual clogs after using the Husky Drain Snake; run water down the drain and look for any slow flow or buildup.
  5. Only throw away debris with proper disposal guidelines; some materials may be hazardous and need special handling instructions.

By following these tips, you can easily and safely use your Husky Drain Snake to clear clogs and free your pipes from blockages. With the right tools and knowledge, you can protect your plumbing system from future damage and save time, money, and stress!

Can a Drain Snake Damage Pipes?

Using a Drain Snake correctly will not damage your pipes; however, if you misuse it, there is a chance of causing damage. This can happen if you force the snake into the pipe too hard or leave it in too long. It is important to take your time and be patient when inserting and retracting the snake, as this will prevent any unnecessary wear or damage to your pipes.

Additionally, it is important to inspect the snake before use and ensure it is free of dirt or debris. If you take these precautions, you can easily and safely use a Husky Drain Snake without damaging your plumbing system!

Using a Drain Snake Correctly

Using a Husky Drain Snake is an easy and effective way to clear clogs and keep your pipes flowing smoothly. With the right tools, knowledge, and precautions, you can easily remove any blockages without damaging your plumbing system.


Using a husky drain snake is easy to clear clogged drain lines without the hassle of calling a plumber. It’s important to consider the size and type of drain line before selecting a snake for the job. Even if you do not have plumbing experience, following the instructions above can get your drain cleared quickly and with minimal effort.

Remember that it’s always best practice to wear protective eyewear and gloves when handling plumbing-related work. Lastly, though it may seem like no big task, using caution and correctly disposing of hazardous chemicals is critically important in avoiding potential drainage problems.

By following these guidelines on how to use a husky drain snake, you can safely maximize your use for just about any issue that arises!

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