About Us

As we all know, it’s tempting to go with the most affordable option when embarking on a new venture. Unfortunately, this can be extremely limiting and lead to disappointment further down the line – something I learned firsthand!

When exploring my tool options online, what seemed like an endless sea of information was rather difficult for me to navigate; listings provided no clear insight into what would ultimately meet my needs best.

Instead, I faced page after page of reviews lacking any pertinent detail or comparison between products… Frustratingly time-consuming but still better than ending up with yet another subpar purchase!

That led me to research online as well as my friends who are professionals. Learning about the new tools wasn’t that difficult for me because of my engineering and toolmaking background.

Through years’ worth of knowledge acquisition, I’m proud to be able to share with others exactly what these amazing devices can do for them- which is why this website exists! So let me help you on your journey towards becoming an enlightened DIYer with amazing tools that you can use on your project.