How to Make a Homemade Wall Jacks

Are you looking for a creative way to hang items on your wall without the need of nails or screws? Wall jacks might be just what you’re looking for! DIY wall jacks are easy to make, cost-effective and totally customizable.

We’ve put together this detailed guide on how to make a homemade wall jacks to help you create your own homemade wall jacks for your home in no time. Learn about different materials, tools and techniques required so that you can take the exciting journey from start to finish with ease.

How to Make a Homemade Wall Jacks

Few people realize just how much of a difference a homemade wall jack can make in terms of making basic home repairs and construction projects easier. Wall jacks, also referred to as sawhorses or scaffolds, are simple and convenient tools that provide support when performing tasks such as drilling into walls or replacing furniture.

Plus, they’re extremely easy to build yourself—all you need is some basic DIY knowledge and practical experience. In this blog post, we’ll go through the step-by-step process on how you can make your own wall jack in no time at all!

Why May You Want to Make a Homemade Wall Jacks?

There are many reasons why you may want to make a homemade wall jacks. Such as:

1. Cost Savings

One of the primary reasons to make a homemade wall jacks is cost savings. A store-bought or professional grade wall jack can be very expensive, ranging in the hundreds of dollars. Making your own allows you to save money while still achieving the desired result.

2. Customization

Another reason people choose to make their own wall jacks is because it allows them to customize the design. Using a homemade wall jack, you can choose the size and shape that best fits your space. You also have complete control over the color, look, and materials used in the project.

3. To Learn How

Another benefit of making your own wall jacks is that it gives you the opportunity to learn how to make something from scratch. This can be a great way to gain practical skills, as well as build confidence in your ability to do DIY projects. Additionally, it can be enjoyable and rewarding when you see the finished product!

Making Your Own Wall Jacks

Making your own wall jacks can be a great way to save money, customize the design, and gain practical skills. Now that you know why you may want to make a homemade wall jack, let’s get into how.

How to Make a Homemade Wall Jacks in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Gather All the Necessary Materials

The first step is to ensure you have all the necessary materials. You will need a piece of 2×6 lumber that is at least 10 feet long, two pieces of 3/4-inch plywood, four eye bolts with nuts, several pieces of scrap wood for spacers and shims, as well as wood screws and glue.

Step 2: Cut the Wood

The next step is to cut the wood. You will need to cut the 2×6 lumber into four pieces that are 2 feet long, then cut two in half. Then, you should use a jigsaw to cut out four holes in each of the plywood pieces that match up with the holes in the 2×6 lumber.

Step 3: Assemble the Wall Jacks

Once you have all of your materials cut, it is time to assemble your wall jacks. Start by gluing and screwing the four pieces of 2×6 into an X shape. Then, glue and screw the plywood pieces onto each side of the “X”, with the holes in the plywood lined up with the holes in the 2×6.

Step 4: Add Spacers and Shims

In order to make sure your wall jacks are level, you should use several pieces of scrap wood as spacers and shims. Place them between each piece of 2×6, and then use glue and screws to hold them in place.

Step 5: Install the Eye Bolts

Once your wall jacks are properly assembled, it is time to install the eye bolts. Place one eye bolt in each of the four holes, and then secure them with nuts on either side. Make sure they are securely tightened.

Step 6: Test the Wall Jacks

Now that your wall jacks are assembled, it is time to test them. Place a wall or ceiling jack against each of the four eye bolts and slowly lift up on it to make sure everything is secure and the jacks will hold their weight. If all goes well, your homemade wall jacks are now ready to use.

 Your Wall Jacks Are Assembled

With a few simple materials and some basic tools, you can easily create your own wall jacks that will help you safely hang things on the walls of your home. Follow the steps outlined above and you’ll have a sturdy set of wall jacks in no time.

Some Additional Tips to Make a Homemade Wall Jacks

1. Do Not Rush

This is very important. Doing it hastily can lead to mistakes and potential danger. Take the time to make sure you have all the parts, tools, and materials needed before starting the project. Also, make sure you understand the instructions before beginning.

2. Choose Materials Wisely

Make sure to use materials and tools that are strong enough for the job. If you are unsure, it’s best to consult a professional who can advise you on what will work best for your project. Make sure you are using tools and materials that are safe to use.

3. Use Safety Precautions

When making a homemade wall jack, always use safety precautions, such as gloves, protective eyewear, and other items recommended by the manufacturer of your materials. Also, ensure your working area is well-lit so you can clearly see what you are doing.

Making a Homemade Wall Jacks

4. Take Your Time

Take your time when constructing the wall jacks, and make sure everything is secure. If something doesn’t fit correctly, don’t force it- take apart what you have done and start over. You want to ensure that your wall jacks are in perfect working order before installing them.

5. Double Check Everything

Before you install the wall jacks, double-check each piece to make sure everything is secure and safe. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to working with electricity or other materials that could be dangerous if not handled properly.

6. Utilize Professional Help

If you are uncomfortable or unsure about any part of the project, seek professional help. A qualified electrician can provide valuable advice and assistance with installing your wall jacks safely and efficiently.

Following these tips can help ensure that your homemade wall jacks will be safe and secure when installed properly. With a little patience, care, and attention to detail, you can create a functional and attractive wall jack that will last for years.

Frequently Asked Question

What Precautions Should be Taken When Making a Homemade Wall Jacks?

When making a homemade wall jack, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions. Make sure that any wood you use for construction is of good quality and free from splinters or rot. Also, when drilling holes ensure there are no electrical wires behind them, as this could be dangerous. Additionally, wear protective goggles and gloves when working with tools. Finally, always use a level to make sure the wall jacks are installed correctly and securely.

Take the Necessary Safety

What Tools Do I Need to Make a Homemade Wall Jacks?

Making homemade wall jacks requires basic hand tools like a drill, saw, hammer, chisel, measuring tape, and a level. Depending on the specific design, you will also need items such as screws, nails, glue, brackets, and wall plugs. For more complicated builds it is possible to use power tools such as routers or lathes.

What Materials Are Needed to Make a Homemade Wall Jacks?

The materials needed to make a homemade wall jack may vary depending on the specific design. However, most designs will require wood, screws, nails, brackets, and wall plugs. Additionally, if you are constructing an elaborate design, it is possible to use metal or plastic components as well.

Also, it is important to use quality materials as lower-grade products could affect the longevity of the wall jacks.


Now you know how to make a homemade wall jacks for your next home improvement project. By following these steps, you can easily make sturdy and durable wall jacks that will last for years to come. With the proper tools, a few hours of work, and some basic DIY knowledge, anyone can build their own wall jack.

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