How to Close Kershaw Knife

Having a pocket knife on hand is invaluable – whether you use it for survival, outdoor activities, or everyday cutting tasks. Potentially the most recognizable name in knives right now is Kershaw: they offer high-quality blades that come in several different sizes and styles to suit every individual need. But just as important as owning one of these reliable tools is knowing how to close it correctly and safely when finished using it.

How to Close Kershaw Knife

In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about how to close kershaw knife so you can get back outdoors with peace of mind!

Step-by-Step Guidelines on How to Close Kershaw Knife

Step 1: Make Sure the Blade is Completely Free

Before closing any knife, make sure that the blade is completely free of anything it might have been used to cut. This includes checking for small pieces of material or debris that may be stuck in the crevices or along the edges of the blade. If the blade is not properly cleared, closing the knife could cause it to become damaged.

Step 2: Grip the Handle Firmly

Once you’re sure that the blade is clear and free of any obstructions, firmly hold the handle with your dominant hand. Make sure to keep your fingers away from the sharp edge of the blade as you grip it for safety. This will ensure that you have a secure grip on the handle as you close it. Gripping the handle firmly will also help you to avoid accidental cuts and scrapes.

Step 3: Gently Push Down on the Release Tab

Now, gently push down on the release tab at the base of the knife with your thumb. The release tab is usually located near where your fingers are gripping the handle. Depending on the model of the Kershaw knife you have, the release tab may be on the top or bottom of the handle. While pushing down on the tab, push the blade closed at the same time.

Step 4: Ensure that it is Closed Securely

Once you have pushed down on the release tab and closed the knife, check that it is securely shut. Make sure that there is no gap between the handle and blade and that they fit together snugly. If there are any gaps, you may not have closed the knife correctly and should try again.

Following this simple guide will help ensure that your Kershaw knife is safely and securely closed. Now you can get back to enjoying the outdoors without worrying about an open blade!

Additional Tips and Tricks to Close Kershaw Knife

Pointing Away From You When Closing

1. Always ensure that your Kershaw knife is pointing away from you when closing it. This will help to prevent any potential accidents or injuries.

2. Use two hands to close your Kershaw knife: one hand should be on the blade and the other on the handle. Doing so will make closing it much easier and more secure, as both sides are being held firmly in place.

3. Use the “flipper” to close your Kershaw knife easily and quickly. The flipper is a small tab located on the back spine of the blade near the handle, which allows you to flick it open and shut with one hand.

4. If you have trouble closing your Kershaw knife, ensure that all dirt, oil, or other debris is removed from the blade and handle before attempting to close it. This will make it easier to slide the blade back into the handle.

5. If you’re having trouble closing your Kershaw knife, try holding it with both hands and pushing down on either side of the hilt or spine with both thumbs while using pressure to move the blade back into the handle.

6. Never force your Kershaw knife closed, as this could damage the blade or cause injury to yourself. If it is proving difficult to close, it might be time for a maintenance check on the parts of your knife.

7. Make sure that your Kershaw knife is securely and completely closed before putting it away or returning it to its sheath. This will ensure that the blade is not exposed and there is no risk of accidentally cutting yourself or someone else while handling the knife.

Following these tips and tricks should help you close your Kershaw knife safely and securely, ensuring that it remains in good condition for years to come. Be sure to always take proper care of your knife by regularly maintaining it with oil and sharpening the blade when needed. Doing so will keep your Kershaw knife in the best condition possible, allowing you to get years of use out of it.

Things You Should Consider to Close Kershaw Knife

1. Make sure the knife is clean and free of debris before closing it. This will help prevent damage to the blade, liners, and other components of your Kershaw knife.

2. Gently squeeze the blade into a closed position while pressing down on the thumb studs or flipper protrusion with your thumb and forefinger. Do not use excessive force.

3. After the blade is squeezed in place, use your index finger to press down on the backside of the frame lock until it snaps into place. This locks the blade securely in a closed position.

4. To open it, simply press down on the frame lock with your thumb and forefinger while gently lifting up the blade. Do not use excessive force while opening or closing your Kershaw knife as this can damage the locking components of the knife.

Simply Press Down on the Frame Lock

Following these considerations will help you close your Kershaw knife safely and securely. Additionally, regular maintenance of the blade, frame lock, and other components is necessary to keep it in top condition. Be sure to use the proper cleaning supplies and lubricants recommended by Kershaw as improper care can cause long-term damage to your knife.

Precautions Need to Follow for Closing Kershaw Knife

1. Close the knife with both hands. To close a Kershaw knife, hold the handle in one hand and the blade in the other while pushing down on the blade release button located at the base of the handle.

2. Keep your fingers away from the edge of the blade as you are closing it. Since blades are sharp, there is a potential for injury if you are not careful when closing the knife.

3. Exercise caution when folding the blade into the handle. To ensure that the blade is fully closed, make sure that it is folded in at an angle to avoid causing damage to either yourself or the knife.

4. Check on a regular basis that your Kershaw knife has been properly closed by opening and closing the blade a few times. This will help to make sure that the locking mechanism is functioning properly.

5. Make sure you store your Kershaw knife in a secure location when it is not being used to avoid any accidents or misuse. It should also be kept away from children at all times as they may not be aware of the dangers associated with knives.

Following these precautions can help you to safely close your Kershaw knife and ensure it is stored properly when not in use. This will help keep you safe while also prolonging the life of the knife. By taking the time to follow these steps, you can be sure that your Kershaw knife will stay in top condition for years to come.

Safely Close Your Kershaw Knife

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kershaw Make Automatic Knives?

Yes, Kershaw produces a variety of automatic knives, also known as switchblades or OTF knives (out-the-front). These types of knives deploy and retract automatically when an actuator button is pressed, allowing for quick and easy access to the blade. Not all states allow automatic knives, so please check your local laws before purchasing one of these types of knives.

What is Kershaw’s Warranty?

Kershaw offers a limited lifetime warranty on their products, guaranteeing that they are free from defects in materials or craftsmanship.

They will repair or replace any product with such defects, at their discretion. Additionally, Kershaw offers free sharpening services to ensure that your knife remains in top condition throughout its lifetime. If you have any questions about the warranty or sharpening services, please contact customer service.

Are All Kershaw Knives Made in the USA?

No, not all Kershaw knives are made in the USA. While some models are made in the USA, others are made in other countries around the world, including China and Japan. To find out where a specific knife is made, please refer to its product page.

Some Models Are Made in the Usa


In summation, to close the Kershaw knife properly, hold the blade firmly with one hand and use your other hand to press down the locking mechanism. By keeping your hands away from the blade edge and releasing all pressure gradually, you can avoid any potential injury. With practice, learning how to close a Kershaw knife can be a relatively easy procedure.

As with most tools, knives should always be handled carefully to prevent any injury. Now that you know how to close Kershaw knife safely and efficiently, you’ll be able to make far more efficient use of it whenever necessary.

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