How to Clear Snow from Driveway without a Shovel

Living in a cold climate can be hard to deal with, especially when it starts compacting on driveways and walkways. Whether you’re required to clear some of the snow away for safety reasons or just need access to areas like your carport or garage door, shoveling can seem like quite a chore. 

How to Clear Snow from Driveway without a Shovel

However, there are other simple ways you can tackle this wintery job without lifting a single heavy metal tool — no shovel necessary! In this blog post, we’ll cover useful tips on how to clear snow from driveway without a shovel easily so that you don’t have to worry about struggling with any tools at all.

What Is the Fastest Way to Remove Snow?

In a rush to clear your driveway? There are a few ways you can get rid of snow quickly without having to use a shovel.

One of the most common methods is using a leaf blower or power broom. Using powerful air jets, you can blast away any amount of snow in minutes. This method works especially well for light, powdery snow.

Another way to clear snow quickly is by using a snow thrower or plow attachment on your lawn mower. This gives you the power of an engine to help shovel away large amounts of snow at once. It can also be used to scoop and move the snow in one direction if necessary.

If you have access to a snowmobile, this is another great way to clear driveways quickly. The tracks on the snowmobile are able to easily traverse any amount of snow and can be used to push or pull it away from your driveway.

Finally, using a tractor with a plow attachment is an effective way of clearing snow. The plow is able to move any amount of snow quickly and easily and can be used to push or pull it away from your driveway.

10 Methods on How to Clear Snow from Driveway without a Shovel

1. Snow Blower

A snow blower is a machine that uses an auger to lift snow from the ground and then propel it through a chute. Snow blowers are available in both gas and electric models. Gas-powered snow blowers require more maintenance and are more powerful, while electric models are quieter and easier to use. Snow blowers can be used to clear a large area of snow quickly and with minimal effort.

2. Snow Plow

A snow plow is a device that is attached to the front of a vehicle, such as a tractor, truck, or ATV. The plow pushes snow out of the way as the vehicle moves forward. This is a great option for clearing large amounts of snow quickly. Snow plows come in many different sizes and styles, so be sure to choose one that is suited for the size of your driveway.

Attached to the Front of a Vehicle

Be sure to wear protective clothing and goggles when operating a snow plow, as debris can fly up and hit you. Also, be aware of any obstacles, such as mailboxes or small trees, that could be damaged while plowing. If you don’t have the equipment to operate a snow plow, you can hire a professional snow removal service that will do the job for you.

3. Snow Thrower

A snow thrower is a machine that uses a rotating auger to lift snow from the ground and then propel it through a chute. Snow throwers are available in both gas and electric models. They are an efficient and effective way to clear snow from a driveway or other paved surfaces. Gas models require more maintenance and fuel, while electric models can be plugged into an outlet to provide power.

Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using a snow thrower, and always wear protective gear. When using a snow thrower, be sure to clear the area around the machine and make sure there is nothing in its path that could potentially be damaged by the stream of snow it emits.

4. Broom

A broom can be used to sweep snow off of a driveway or walkway. Brooms with stiff bristles work best for this task. Be sure to use long, sweeping motions with the broom in order to clear a wider path. 

Be aware that this method can be tedious and takes more time than using a shovel. Also, it is important to note that a broom will not be able to move large piles of snow off the driveway. It is best used for light dustings of snow.

5. Spade

A spade can be used to scoop up snow and then dump it in another location. Spades with sharp blades work best for this task. Make sure to wear gloves in order to avoid cold hands. Don’t forget to take breaks as needed so that you don’t get too tired! 

Additionally, if you’re using a spade to clear snow from your driveway, make sure that the blade is wide enough for the job. You may find that a spade isn’t suitable for clearing large amounts of snow, and in that case, you can use it to clear away the corners or crevices that may be difficult to shovel.

6. Pickaxe

Use a Snow Shovel

A pickaxe can be used to break up the ice that has formed on a driveway or walkway. Be sure to choose a pickaxe that is comfortable for you to use. Start by hitting the edges of the ice, then gradually move to larger chunks. 

Once the ice is broken up, use a snow shovel or other tool to remove the pieces. Be sure to wear protective gloves when using a pickaxe, and keep an eye out for any hazardous material that may have been brought up from below the surface.

7. Ice Melt

Ice melt is a substance that can be applied to ice in order to melt it. There are many different types of ice melt available, so be sure to choose one that is safe for use on your particular type of pavement.

Once the ice melt is applied, it may take a few minutes for it to start working. Once it does, use a shovel or other tool to scrape off the melted ice. This can be a good alternative to shoveling if you don’t want to risk damaging your pavement or driveway.

8. Sand

Sand can be sprinkled on icy areas in order to provide traction and prevent slipping. Be sure not to use too much sand, as it can be difficult to remove once the weather warms up again. 

When using sand, you should also be aware that it will not melt the snow or ice. It is best used in areas where slipping is a concern. If you cannot find sand, you can also use kitty litter to provide traction. Try to spread the sand evenly and keep away from any vegetation that could be damaged by it.

9. Roof Rake

A Roof Rake Can Be Used

A roof rake can be used to scrape snow from the surface of a driveway or walkway. Be sure to choose one that is designed for use on flat surfaces rather than roofs. Gently pull the rake across the snow to remove it. Start at one end and work your way toward the other, taking care not to damage any of the surfaces beneath. 

Be sure to use a gentle touch, as too much pressure can cause damage and may even require repair afterward. When using a roof rake, it is important to use proper safety procedures. Wear gloves and make sure that the rake has a secure grip on the surface before applying pressure.

10. Car Tire

The weight of a car can help break up icy patches on a driveway or walkway. Be sure to move the car around several times in order to break up all of the ice. This method is best used on a paved driveway rather than one covered with gravel or stone. It can also make it much easier to use a shovel afterward.

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What Melts Snow the Fastest?

If you don’t have a shovel and you don’t want to wait for the snow to melt on its own, then you can use any of these natural remedies to melt the snow quickly. The most common ingredients used for melting snow are salt, sand, sawdust, and ash. These materials all have properties that will help break down the ice into smaller pieces, so they are easier to remove. 

Salt has a natural property to melt snow and ice quickly, although it is not recommended for driveways with asphalt or concrete. Sand will provide traction and help move the snow around; sawdust acts as an absorbent and helps keep the area dry, and ash can be used to form a slushy mixture that can be shoveled.

Natural Remedies to Melt the Snow Quickly


Clearing your driveway doesn’t have to be a pain. By following these simple tips on how to clear snow from driveway without a shovel, you can get the job done quickly and easily – without having to break out the shovel. 

So next time a winter storm hits, don’t reach for the snow shovel. Instead, try one of these alternative methods and see for yourself just how easy it can be to clear your driveway without any heavy lifting.

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